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Periodically I send out new photographs to my confidential contact list.  The list is not sold and all the emails are sent in a bcc address format so email addresses are not visible to other recipients.

If you are interested in joining my email list please hit the "CONTACT ME' tab on the top of this  page and type "contact list " in the subject line and write in your email address.

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In March 2017 several photos have been sent out from a recent sunset cruise event in the Okefenokee Preserve.  Below are two of the recent photographs sent out to my contacts.

Okefenokee Preserve - Sunset Cruise - Mar 2017-8
Okefenokee Preserve - Sunset Cruise - Mar 2017-15

In April 2017, I sent out a few photos from the Gardens of the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, FL. Below are two sample photos from that communication