Note Card Sales

I am selling Note cards directly to clients without going through  a third party. I am doing this to insure quality and make sure clients understand what each Note Card package consists of.

The Note Cards are all 5x7 inches around a 4x6 inch photo. The folding Note Cards are available as vertical or horizontal in layout. Each card is designed so that a personal message can be written by the sender. Individual cards are wrapped in a protective clear plastic sleeve. Naturally you discard the protective sleeve when you write the note and send the card. 

The base card format is a photo bordered by a fine line and a thicker shiny black border. I found that this format really enhances the card’s overall appearance and the photo appears to really jump off the page. This makes a positive and favorable impression on the card receiver. This base format is shown below:

Untitled photo

Base Cards

Options are available for themed cards (Birthday, Thank You, Thinking of You, etc) Border colors are varied, and the color of the cards can be changed as well. Shown below are option samples:

Untitled photo

Card Options

The base price of each card is $5.00.  If you order 6 cards  the price drops to $4.16 ($25 for 6 cards). 

Depending upon your selections,  cards can be shipped to you within a matter of days,.

Cost of shipping and handling per lots of 10 cards is $4.00.  

If interested in these beautiful Note Cards, then click the "Contact Me" header on the top of the page.  In that note add a brief summary of what you are thinking and your contact information.  If you provide a phone number we can discuss options, photographs, and shipping information.

Thank You